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Playa de Las Americas – Costa Adeje TITSA bus stops map Playa de las Americas - Costa Adeje TITSA Bus Stops Map

Where to buy a TITSA bono at Tenerife south airport Reina Sofia Where to buy a TITSA bono at Tenerife south airport Reina Sofia

TITSA Tenerife bus | Tenerife bus map | Tenerife bus timetable

TITSA Tenerife bus

Canarian people call buses “guaguas.” The bus service on Tenerife is run by the company TITSA and covers every corner of the island. They operate a modern fleet of bright green buses. You can either pay for each individual trip or buy a “bono-bus” (bus pass) for 15 or 25 euros. These passes can be used on every route, can be shared between several people and save about 50 percent on the price of a ticket.

You can buy a “bono-bus” (bus pass) in any TITSA bus station (not in the bus itself).

They are also sold in many newsagents or other shops showing a TITSA sticker. If you don’t have enough credit on your bus pass for the last trip, you can pay the difference in cash but not with another pass.

Tenerife bus line 369 Buenavista del Norte - Punta de Teno

Tenerife bus line 369 Buenavista del Norte – Punta de Teno. Photo Andrés Gutiérrez

Bus Passes

What is a Bono-Bus? This is a previous paid bus card. The money will be count down from your card in each travel you make. You can use this Bono-Bus in all the green buses around the island.

TITSA Bono-Bus

TITSA Bono-Bus

How long does it valid? Until the amount of money in your car is finished. After one year, this Bono-Bus is not valid.

How much does it cost? Bono Bus is a prepaid travel card (€ 15 and € 25), safe and profitable. You can use it for travel all around Tenerife on public buses (except Teide lines).

Can the Bono-Bus be used for two or more people? Yes.

How does it work? There is a special green device inside of the bus. You only have to put in the card and say the bus driver where you want to go. The bus driver will do the rest.

Where can you buy the Bono-Bus? You can buy it at Artenerife in Plaza de Troya, Bus Station and Bazar New Sun.

Can you pay with cash if the credit is not enough in your Bono-Bus? Yes.

Where to buy a TITSA bono at Tenerife south airport Reina Sofia

You can purchase a TITSA Bono at Tenerife South Airport, currently at a shop called La Alpizpa located next to The Gift shop, about mid-way along the front hall, close to the Airport Information desk. If unsure, simply ask at the Airport Information desk for location.

The TITSA Bonovia ticket is available at the South airport from the last shop at the departures end – La Alpizpa opposite gate 47. This is a daft place – it’s over 2 minutes walk from arrivals to the shop and 2 minutes back to the bus stops! The shop is open 10:30-17:00. Telephone: + 34 922 75 92 45

TITSA bonos Tenerife south airport

TITSA bonos Tenerife south airport

TITSA bonos Tenerife south airport

TITSA bonos Tenerife south airport

TITSA bonos Tenerife south airport

Visit Tenerife beaches by bus

You can reach many beaches in Tenerife by TITSA bus, comfortably and avoiding parking issues.

Tenerife beaches by bus

Tenerife beaches by bus

Northern beaches:

  • Garachico: 107, 363.
  • El Socorro: 546.
  • Puerto de la Cruz: 102, 103, 345, 352, 353, 354, 363.
  • El Pris: 023.
  • Mesa del Mar: 021.

Southern beaches:

  • Médano: 408, 411
  • Tejita: 470, 419
  • Galletas: 467, 470.
  • Cristianos – Américas: 110, 111, 418, 447, 467, 470, 473, 477, 483.
  • Playa Paraíso: 471.
  • Callao Salvaje: 473.
  • Playa San Juan y Alcalá: 473, 477, 493, 494.
  • Puerto Santiago: 461, 462, 473, 477.
  • Playa la Arena – Gigantes: 352, 461, 462, 473, 477, 493, 494.

Beaches in Santa Cruz, Laguna, Candelaria y Gúimar:

  • Jover – Barranquera: 224.
  • Bajamar – Punta del Hidalgo: 050, 105.
  • Almáciga: 946.
  • Igueste de San Andrés: 945.
  • Las Teresitas: 910
  • La Nea – Radazul: 138, 139
  • Caletillas – Candelaria: 122, 123, 124, 131.
  • El Puertito: 120


  1. SINGLE TICKET: with price depending on the route.
  2. ROUND-TRIP TICKET on the same day: with 10% off single ticket price,valid for distances greater thanequal to 21 kms.
  3. €15/€30 travel cards: For use on all bus services (urbaninterurban). Valid for the tram. Can be used by several users. You can change buses.
  4. €48 monthly travel card: Exclusive use on bus services in the metropolitan area (Santa Cruz de Tenerife, La Laguna, El RosarioTegueste). Valid for the tram. Printed for exclusive use as a MONTHLY TRAVEL CARD (orange). Users must add their Identity Card Number to the card in the section provided for that purpose.

Tenerife Bus Company Offices

C/ Punta de Anaga,1
Santa María del Mar
Phone 922 479 500
38109 Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Information and General Services
Information (Spanish/English) phone: 922 531 300
phone numbers 922 215 699 / 922 218 122 / 922 219 077 / 922 219 399 – Fax 922 217 263


The Bono-Vía is valid on all regular TITSA buses and routes and on the tram Santa Cruz – La Laguna, providing a discount between 23 and 37.5 %. They cost 30 or 12 Euros and can be bought in TITSA bus stations. Valid for 1 year.
Important: The Bono-Vía can be passed on from one person to another. If there is not enough left on the Bono-Vía for the last journey, you must pay the difference in cash (not with another Bono-Vía).

Other TITSA Bus Stations:

La Laguna 922 259 412
Tacoronte 922 561 807
La Orotava 922 332 702
Puerto de la Cruz 922 381 807
Icod de los Vinos 922 811 304
Buenavista 922 127 436
Güimar 922 511 665
Granadilla 922 770 606
Costa Adeje 922 795 427