The areas of Environment, Works and Infrastructure and Public Service and Beaches of the City Council of Arona, directed by councilors José Luis Gómez and Yurena García, respectively, begin these days the works of conditioning the Playa de Las Vistas prior to the beginning of the summer season, which will take advantage of the period immediately preceding the new company awarded the service of umbrellas and hammocks.

These works, together with the approval of the repairs to the dam and the replacement of the Camisón sand, are part of the municipality’s improvements in terms of beaches in the coming months and will benefit the users.

Tasks in Las Vistas, which had not been carried out for several years and will last less than a week, will allow the beach to undergo the necessary improvements to guarantee the conditions of use by residents and tourists and are complementary to the daily treatment Of cleaning to which the beach is subjected.
These tasks will consist, among other things, in the treatment of sand, which will remain in perfect condition for the new season.

“The Vistas is the main beach of the municipality and it was necessary to undertake an in-depth treatment of the entire area before the summer began,” said the municipal official of Works, who explained that “this was the perfect time to do so , In the period immediately prior to the new concessionaire company of umbrellas and hammocks occupy the space to provide the service, “he added.

Once the term of the previous concession has expired, the City Council of Arona has proceeded to tender and award the service of umbrellas and hammocks Las Vistas for a period of two years, extendable, during which is expected to produce an economic benefit for the coffers Municipalities of almost 1.3 million euros per year.