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Tenerife life post-Brexit!

Tenerife life post-Brexit! | Moving to Spain from UK | Brexit and expats

Brexit: “Stick to the facts and you’ll know what’s going on” Up to 100 Britons attended an information seminar organised by Blevins Franks at the Adeje Cultural Centre this week, invited by the Adeje international residents group Focus, with the support of the council. They heard from the financial advice company that in their professional…

Brit expats in Spain stunned and fearful after Brexit win

Effect the Brexit win would have on British investment in Spain

The UK voted to leave the EU in a referendum yesterday, immediately sending the value of sterling plummeting and leaving British expats in Spain stunned and concerned about their future. Britain has voted to leave the EU, by an expected margin of 52 percent to 48 percent, sending shockwaves around Europe. After it initially appeared…

Brexit: what would it mean for your EU holiday home?

Brexit: what would it mean for your EU holiday home in Tenerife

Holidaymakers “seeking a day’s sunshine by the sea and those who enjoy poking around another town” are drawn to British resorts every year, according to Looking at Great Britain, a study of “British people and customs”, published in 1973. That was the year Britain joined the European Union. Since then the number of trips we…